Valentine’s Day Crafts: Valentine’s Heart Lanterns

Valentine's Day Crafts

This craft is a great craft to make with the family. It’s really easy to do, and it looks like you spent HOURS on it! Trust me all of your friends will be impressed with your talents! These Valentine’s Day crafts take less than 30 minutes to make each jar. Get the whole family in on it, and you will have an adorable set of jars to decorate your home for Valentine’s day!

Here are the supplies that you need:

  • Tissue paper (white, pink, red, purple)
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brushes
  • Mason or Ball Jars
  • Red Acryclic Paint
  • Red Glitter
  • Small piece of card stock (to make your stencil)
  • Precision Paper cutting scissors

Once you have gathered all of your supplies, make sure your Mason jars are clean and dry.

Then tear the tissue paper into small pieces and set aside.

On a piece of card stock, draw the shape of a heart. If you don’t want to draw it free hand, you can always print the heart template here, and trace it on your card stock.

Valentine's Day Crafts

With your paper cutting scissors, cut out your heart shape. Set the cut out aside. If you cut through the bottom of the cardstock, retape it so you have a heart stencil. Cut the edges of the stencil so you don’t have a lot of excess paper.

Tape the stencil to your jar with tape. Make sure it’s secure, but that the tape doesn’t cover any of the center of the stencil.

With your Modge Podge and tissue paper, cover the inside of your heart stencil. When you are done, gently remove the stencil. Make sure to not remove any of the tissue paper with the stencil.

Valentine's Day Crafts

With a fine paint brush, take your red paint and define the edges of the heart with paint. This gives it a more defined look.

Once your heart is completely outlined, paint the entire rest of the jar (minus the heart) red.

As you are painting, coat the red paint with red glitter. You can add as much or as little as you like, but the more the merrier in my opinion!

Valentine's Day Crafts

Continue painting and sprinkling until the entire jar is coated in glitter and paint. Set aside and let it dry!

To get the lantern look, use a tealight or small votive candle to light up your heart!


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Ashley Sears is the author of Crunchy Frugalista and ,Allergy Friendly Kitchen. She is a sarcastic wonder that loves celebrating insanity, creativity, and family, because life's too short to put up with the BS. You can reach her at [email protected]


  1. So pretty! I can see my daughter and I having a lot of fun making one of these together. Thanks!

  2. Very cute! Looks doable even for me, I’m not very crafty. haha.

    • Crunchy Frugalista says:

      Yep, even the “non crafty” can have fun with this one. If it doesn’t turn out symmetrical just say you were going for the anatomical version of the heart ;)

  3. OH I love Glitter! That is so cute! I love it!

  4. What a cute craft and it looks easy to make! The kids would love this – thanks for sharing.

  5. SO cool!! I could even do that too!!

  6. I wonder if I could do a zombie heart version of this (green glitter maybe?) with the boys since the youngest is really into them right now.

    • Crunchy Frugalista says:

      We are a zombie friendly family. So I would definitely encourage a zombie heart! My kids are enjoying calling me bait since I am hurt right now. Hope the zombie apocalypse doesn’t come anytime soon!

  7. How adorable! I love this! I think I may make it with my students at school!

    • Crunchy Frugalista says:

      Let me know how that turns out with a class Mariah. I have a Girl Scout friend that wants to know how it will turn out with a group!

  8. Wow, how cool is that! Great craft project for a Valentine’s Day party. Oh and I love your pinterest board!

  9. These are super cute! I think I’m going to make one this year

  10. I think my little ones would love this! I could see a few of these on my dining room windowsill. :)

  11. ok I know this may be a stupid question lol but what is modge podge lol i want to do this with my kids :)

    • Crunchy Frugalista says:

      There are NO stupid questions ;). Mod podge is a craft glue. Here’s a link to Amazon so you can see what it looks like My kids and I call it modge podge. It’s more fun to say it that way ;)

  12. Is the tissue paper on the outside of the jar or the inside?

  13. These came out so well! I’d like to make a whole bunch and decorate the table. My sweet daughters love to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  14. saminder gumer says:

    this is an amazing craft and seems pretty easy to make. i will have to try it out this year.

  15. susan king says:

    Love and am going to use some of these !

  16. I LOVE this idea. I am so going to try it with my four kids this week-end.


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