CVS 101: Being the master of BOGO Free

The key to being a successful shopper at CVS is knowing all the tips and tricks to lower your total out of pocket! This is so important because it is really important to know and play by the rules, but at the same time to make sure that you aren’t missing any opportunities to save your family some dough!

Using Buy One Get One Free coupons are by far one of my favorite coupons to use at CVS. I can’t tell you how many countless items I have gotten because of these great little coupons! So here are some tips and tricks to mastering the BOGO coupon at CVS!

The great news is at CVS you CAN use BOGO coupons on a BOGO sale to get the items free! What is this crazy lady saying you ask. I mean exactly what I said :) If you CVS is having a BOGO free sale on an item, and you have a BOGO free coupon for that same item, it means you are going home with some free product baby!

Last summer, Sobe Lifewater had this great game online that you could play each day to score a BOGO coupon. Off and on all last year CVS had BOGO sales on Sobe Lifewater. So it made for FREE water all year long! I can’t tell you how many cases of water I ended up with last year. My kids loved the stuff.

You can also use two coupons on two items using a BOGO coupon, but you have to do it in the right order! Let’s say you are buying 2 Clean and Clear Body washes. You have a $1 off any C& C Body wash, and a BOGO coupon. You would hand the cashier the $1 off coupon first, and then the BOGO coupon. So essentially you are still buying the one to get the other free, but now you are paying a dollar less for the one that you are buying.

You can still stack CVS store coupons on top of all this. Take the Clean and Clear Scenario again. So you have your $1 off MQ, and your BOGO MQ and when you scan your CVS card at the magic red machine it spits out $2/2 C&C Body wash CVS coupon. Because this is a store coupon you can also use this one on top of your other two to save even more money!

The methods I have talked about in this post also work when CVS have BOGO 50% off too. The items won’t be free, but they will be really inexpensive. So when you see a BOGO coupon for something your family uses definitely make sure to grab one. It also helps to keep an eye on CVS sales, they do seem to be cyclical where you can see what type of items are on sale and how often CVS has a sale on them. By learning these tips and trips, and watching the habits in the CVS sales, you will become a master of the BOGO free in no time!

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